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Some new photos for you to enjoy -- plus some big news about Kiss Yourself Goodbye.

Welcome to my website!

I offer some flattering photos of myself and my surroundings to help you decide if you would like to invite me someplace.   :-)

I spent a year with The Transylvanian Electric Company as part of the cast entertaining at The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was a wonderful learning opportunity for me as I wasn't used to young people and every one else in the company was at least a generation younger than myself. These were mostly counter-culture kids a little too brilliant or creative to swim in the main stream.

I wrote a short story based on my experiences, *The Time-Warp Dance Of Death*, which was published in Germany in the *Queer Crime* anthology and appears here in English for the first time. Doll to Die for by JJ Buch

For the past few years, I have had the privilege of being one of the lady authors featured on Tart City, the full-service web-site that is as provocative as the name implies. The artist, J.J. Buch, created paperdolls out of the characters in our mysteries and I'm just thrilled with the Margo Fortier doll which appears in a g-string and pasties and has three appropriate costumes to wear. Download them, print them out, play with them! Have fun!

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