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Glory Hole Murders US  Glory Hole Murders UK
The Glory Hole Murders

Matt Sinclair

May 2000

Originally published 1985

In The Glory Hole Murders a gay, New Orleans aristocrat, Matt Sinclair, solves a murder of a supposedly straight family man in the men's room of a gay bar. Nominated for an Edgar award. The New York Times Book Review said, "A first in mystery fiction."

The Closet Hanging

Matt Sinclair

October 2000

Originally published 1987

Closet Hanging UKCloset Hanging US
The gay aristocrat, Matt Sinclair, the scion of an old New Orleans family, is accused of murder. The victim was found hanged in a closet owned by Matt's family. And Matt can't account for his whereabouts due to temporary amnesia caused by an epileptic seizure.

Kiss Yourself Goodbye

Matt Sinclair

1986; reprinted 2004

UK and US editions

Now available in the US!

"My law practice is like sex. I only do it for a few friends." So saying, Matt Sinclair, gay scion of an ancient New Orleans family, sets out to clear his cousin Sylvia of murder and to track down the real culprit.

The Hippie in the Wall

Margo Fortier


Out of Print--Limited Availability

Twenty years earlier, Margo Fortier, now prominent in New Orleans high society, had danced topless in the French Quarter, and when a walled-up body is found in her old club, Margo uncovers a conspiracy that threatens her position and her life.


Margo Fortier


Gossip columnist and former topless dancer Margo Fortier tries to break into hard news by launching her own investigation into the brutal murder of the ""Mystic Delphine,"" a New Orleans television psychic.

Don't Blame the Snake

Margo Fortier


Don't Blame the Snake lands the stripper-turned-society columnist heroine at a literary conference on a cruise ship. One of the participants is killed in his cabin, and Margo must keep a close eye on the odd and unsavory suspects, including a bestselling author and his dominatrix, an ex-jewel thief and a struggling professor.

Don't Blame the Snake

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